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Trash Bags Products

Design made me a Trash Bag

Setting up Ilk Media was an eye opening experience. It made me recognise what I was uncomfortable with. At the time I had identified client based work as a factor I could do without. It is amazing how perceptions shift over time. I find it ironic that I believed clients to be the problem, considering […]

ABC Exhibition Design

It’s all about the clients

I completed my undergraduate studies in 2003. Fresh out of university, I felt prepared and ready to face a professional career. I was pretty confident that I knew what I needed to do to be a ‘good designer’. It was clearly about the clients that I would take on and the type of work I […]

What is good design?

5 steps to being a good designer

I was a social worker for a good five years before I entered the design profession. As a matter of fact, it was the use of visual communication as part of my work, that sparked my interest in design. We used photography to explore the impact of alcohol for young people; ran video workshops, through […]