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Education cards produced by UTS Community Project students

Oxfam’s Design4Change project

The Oxfam’s Design4Change project for me was the moment of ‘revolution’ that Sean Dorrance Kelly talks about in the first lecture of the Later Heiddeger lecture series. This was the moment where my central understandings around the social impact of design were challenged by the mounting evidence that stacked up in the margins. Up until this point […]

Designathon for CSR

Design for Social Innovation ran a Designathon in September 2011. It looks like they have other interesting events. More details from their site: The Designathon was an event held at DSI in September where DSI faculty worked one on one and in teams with 6 businesses, taking them through innovation around and  rapid prototyping of […]

What is good design?

5 steps to being a good designer

I was a social worker for a good five years before I entered the design profession. As a matter of fact, it was the use of visual communication as part of my work, that sparked my interest in design. We used photography to explore the impact of alcohol for young people; ran video workshops, through […]